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Advancing QI and patient safety

I am a healthcare business professional and quality improvement (QI) consultant with 30 years of experience working with all types of organizations. I love making QI simple and easy. I am a passionate advocate for QI and patient safety who is results-oriented, collaborative and a strong communicator. When you work with me, you can expect transparency and consistency.

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Do you have a QI project that you need help designing or managing? Do you just need some some quick advice, an understanding of the many considerations in conceptualizing a QI collaborative, or someone to design and manage a QI collaborative with you? Are you wondering about the best messages for encouraging QI with clinicians?

The Value of CME to Drive QI

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An Intro to Quality Improvement with Stephen Davidow
Stephen Davidow is interviewed by Steve Singer, PhD, Vice President for Education and Outreach, ACCME.

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I’ve trained 100's of people in quality and process improvement. Don't take my word for it. Listen to how I've met clients and workshop participants understand QI and get started. At Davidow Quality Advantage, I enjoy helping my people achieve the goals they seek. See what people have to say about the work I’ve done, and contact me today.

I attended Stephen’s presentation “Introduction to Healthcare Quality Improvement” at the ACCME 2019 meeting. He stripped away the jargon of the quality industry to make the concept understandable and relevant for beginners. His talk was animated and engaging. I highly recommend hosting this lecture if you are wanting to introduce quality improvement initiatives to team members who are unfamiliar with the concepts

M. Dykstra

I attended several presentations given by Stephen alone and along with his team. Audiences varied from the least knowledgeable through fellow experts. I also had the pleasure of working with him during the exploratory phase of a national professional organization's large quality education project. Stephen's enthusiasm for all aspects of the quality realm is infectious. His teaching style is clear and succinct, infused with an energy that engages the audience and keeps people's interest. Stephen also has an uncommon ability to quickly assess someone's knowledge level and quickly adjust to effectively communicate with them wherever they are.

A. Davis

Stephen is a highly skilled and knowledgeable quality improvement professional. He is a great educator and provided an engaging session during my team’s annual retreat as a refresher and introduction to QI methodologies – Lean, Six Sigma and the Model for Improvement (PDSA). He also covered key jargon used in process improvement and provided fantastic support materials. The team members had different experience levels in QI. Stephen conducted an important level setting so they all had a common understanding of QI by the end of the session, as well as supported my efforts towards team-building. He illustrated key concepts and tools with excellent case studies. He also drew from his own experience as a quality improvement professional to make key points and quickly developed a rapport with my team members. His knowledge of healthcare quality improvement and his sense of humor were well suited to the day’s overall professional yet collegial feel. He fit well with my team and made them comfortable. Perhaps the best part was the exercise he led to illustrate the value of prototyping. The exercise got us out of our seats and thinking. QI can be fun!

D. Daniel

The value-stream mapping process really helped my team understand the current process for securing and using medical equipment during our educational programs. The map also showed where to focus our improvement efforts by highlighting the opportunities for improvement. The root-cause analysis meant we got to the heart of the matter and this work served as the basis for developing our improvement ideas. As a result, we developed a future state value stream map that we can use to ensure our attendees have a better educational experience and that the programs run more smoothly for staff. The map and a planning check list we prepared address each of the opportunities for improvement we identified. These tools allowed us to standardize our approach in each of the educational programs. The time we spent on this work means there are no surprises and/or excuses to the conclusion of a successful project. I personally found the SIPOC exercise essential to my understanding of the stake holders and roles of the team members. Excellent job of facilitating this work and keeping us on track!

J. Price

Through a structured, step-wise approach, Stephen helped us use Lean tools to identify the opportunities for improvement, define the current process used, understand the root cause of our breakdowns, develop improvement ideas/countermeasures and develop a new process map to use when planning future courses. He did an awesome job and it’s clear that he has a passion and mastery for this type of work.

S. Plenner

Stephen's healthcare quality improvement workshop was extremely valuable and constructive for all of those in attendance. After attending this session, I was able to apply some of the basic frameworks and concepts to my current role in healthcare quality. Quality improvement is critical to the future of U.S. healthcare, and Stephen's workshop presented attendees with several crucial take-a-ways that will help reduce waste and increase problem-solving efficiency in the work place

N. Fisk

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If you are interested in learning more or working with Davidow Quality Advantage, please feel free to contact us. Our objective is to help each organization achieve its own unique set of QI and patient safety goals. And our initial consultation is free.

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